Welcome to the Website for ‘Willowby’s World’ by Deirdre Edwards

Introducing the new children’s story book exploring Earth consciousness

Sonya discovers that the willow tree beside the brook is no ordinary tree……

Sonya meets Willowby

Sonya meets Willowby

As the Summer unfolds Sonya begins to apply the wisdom she has learned from Willowby’s tales to her own life, with considerable success!

“This book, enchanting for adults and children alike, takes us on a fabulous journey into Willowby’s World, where we learn, through Willowby’s insights, how to live well and happily with ourselves and the world around us.” – Paul Web, Teacher

A delightful book that all the family can enjoy.

Suitable for independent readers aged 9 – 12, and to be read together aged 7 – 8

For a taste of what lies in store Explore & Hear extracts of the book

ISBN 978-0-9556327-1-6