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Sixth Insight

Self Talk – The Girl Who Lived Her Dream

"Tentatively she approached the pool’s edge, leaned over and peered at her reflection."

“Tell me what I should do,” implored the girl, her eyes shining with excitement and wonder at what she was being told. “I would love to be kind and wise and beautiful, but I don’t see how I can ever get to believe all those things.”

“It is easy when you know how,” replied the being. “I will teach you a simple ritual which you should practise for one full phase of the moon. If you do this, you will transform yourself completely, and enter fully into your own unique power. This is what you should do,” the being explained carefully. “Every day, three times a day, for twenty eight days beginning at the new moon, you must affirm your qualities.

Three times a day, you must look at your reflection and repeat three times these three phrases:

“I am wisdom. I am kindness. I am beauty."

“You must say this first thing every day to your reflection when you wake, once a day to your reflection in the crystal pool, and last thing every evening to your reflection before you sleep. If you do this exactly as I have instructed, then at the end of the lunar month you will truly believe in your wisdom, in your kindness and in your beauty.

Then you will claim possession of those rightful qualities and your power will be obvious to the whole world. You will shine and you will be loved and you will be revered and you will be feted. You will use your qualities for the greater good and you will help to make the world a better place. But beware, the brighter you shine and the more beautiful you become, the harsher your jealous family will be towards you. Have no fear. In time, your light will melt their jealousy and they will be in love with you like the rest of the world. Remember now, you are wisdom, you are kindness, you are beauty.”

As these last words were uttered, the light being diffused into the sunbeam and returned to the sun. The girl sat up and looked around. She was alone and there was no sign of any light being. Today was the day of the new moon. Her eyes rested on the crystal pool; it beckoned to her. Tentatively she approached the pool’s edge, leaned over and peered at her reflection.

For the first time in her life she noticed her smile and thought it looked quite pretty. She caught sight of her forehead which struck her as open and generous, and she made friends with the expression in the eyes that looked back at her. She began her journey to transformation. She began her self-talk.

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