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This is an enchanting book; a modern-day fairy tale, but with a beautiful mix of psychology to help us all understand ourselves better, and recognize our present environmental problems.  With wonderful metaphors and allegories to enrich our perception of what is happening to our planet; how we are all entwined and what we can do to make this world more harmonious.  Accessible to adults and children, I am sure the late Bruno Bettleheim, (Uses of Enchantment), would have approved.  It is the fairy tale equivalent of the brilliant environmental film, ‘Home’ by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Deirdre Edwards has used her gifts as a wise soul and a wonderful writer, and enhanced them with her experiences as an actress and a teacher.  A must for those who need to be reminded and reassured that the world and the people in it are wonderful, if only they will listen.”
Carol and Tally Royle

The book is superb! My friends love it and it brought them peace.”
Nicky Jordan, Crystal Clear, Pewsey

It’s an absolutely lovely book – huge benefit to children. I mean just huge, huge, huge.”
Grethe Hooper Hansen – Former Head Teacher

Weaving threads of wisdom and insight through magical stories, Willowby’s World will inspire any young reader. The book is an absolute gem – a must read for young enquiring minds.”
Siggy Seaward – Gardener and Grandmother

I think it is fantastic for those who are not so familiar with the underlying concepts that are being introduced in Willowby’s World – the parable/ story is such a deep medium, getting concepts felt deep inside. As a tool for change it is excellent.”
Glennie Kindred – Author of Sacred Ceremonies and other titles

I found that while reading Willowby’s World each chapter responded perfectly to my internal journey. As if by magic!”
Rory Collier, Aged 24, UK

It is absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t put it down, I read it right through all in one go.”
Jim Ward, UK

I am intrigued by the unusual book you sent me. The author must be an interesting person”
Dr Judith Telfer UK January 2009

It is like stepping into an age of childhood innocence – something which seems to have almost disappeared from our world – and then encountering a world of imagination and age old wisdom.”
Simon Lord UK March 2009Jim Ward, UK

This book is so, so good. I really enjoyed it, it drags you into it- I couldn’t stop and put it down. Please read it!”
Jessie May UK Aged 12 April 2009

It’s absolutely brilliant. I read the book over three nights and went through three hankies. I would like five more copies please for me and a friend of mine.”
Liz Burnett, Grandmother

Your book is precious
Ana Vidal, Brazil

Thank you for Willowby’s World. It is full of modern day fairy tales, stories to encourage new ways of thinking and being. To be read by any one who is interested in stories and life concepts that promote co-operative and emotionally satisfying lives. Any age can enjoy and benefit from such stories and connections with the natural world.”
Mary Dawson UK Creative therapist, story teller, writer and nature lover March 2009

I must tell you how much I loved your book, I could not put it down. I really like children’s books and this one has such up to the date parables in it, it ticks all the boxes of young people in this day and age. After I
finished it I read it again and yes it was as good the second time.”

Bob Wheatley UK

Thank you for such a beautifully written book. My children and I were
spellbound by the insightful nuggets of wisdom woven into a fantabulous journey
the young girl makes with nature. I want to recommend this book to many, and
will do so!”
Sarraounia Kilbey Mother, Haverfordwest Pembs.

A beautiful book packed with ten exciting, magical parables inside. Each chapter was better than the last and was filled with enchanting characters. Meet cheeky squirrels who throw nuts at people, a talking tree, an annoying brother and an elegant white-winged unicorn who flies up into the sky taking people to heaven.
Each story has its own moral. Take the lonely dragon for instance, who hurt villagers every day and night because the villagers were destroying its habitat. However, the villagers didn’t know that, so they fought the dragon until they stumbled upon a wise wizard who told them to go and ask why the dragon was so upset. At first they objected but then they realised it was the right thing to do. After speaking to the dragon, they realised why it was sad and they offered it a huge quantity of food and they lived peacefully with the dragon for the rest of their lives.
My favourite story was the tale of the white-winged unicorn, which was told so well it made me want to cry. It is a story of love and friendship and a boy with as big an imagination as me!
The author uses such beautiful descriptive vocabulary that you are transported into the scene where the adventures are happening. For example, “It was her own special place: a green grassy glade surrounded by trees and a pool of crystal clear water. She would sit on the soft turf, lean her head back against a tree, close her eyes and feel the gentle warm sun on her face.” You can imagine you are in the same place, feeling the sun’s heat and being so tempted to jump into the water.
Each chapter has an introduction. I would have liked the introductions to have been a bit longer with more detail about what is happening.
An absolutely brilliant book. A book that makes you realise how fortunate you are. The stories are told imaginatively and thoughtfully. A must read for all children.”
George Carmichael (aged 12)

Each reader has their special relationship with a book  and, for me, this was a rare opportunity to read and share with my children so many illustrations and examples of spiritual themes we live with and discuss in our everyday lives.  
The stories which are part of the knowledge dear old Willowby passes on to Sonya are lovely, and it is grounding to receive glimpses of Sonya’s life and the familiar challenges she faces.
I feel your book is particularly appropriate for adults initially to read with children, as all of us can identify with these issues, and also I found it good to be on hand to explain things, answer questions and chat about how we can put each of the Insights into practice.”
Natasha Church, The Book Stop, Tavistock, Devon

A fun way of communicating certain principles to children or adults. There are certain children I know who would love to sit quietly and read this on their own and would learn, privately applying it to their own world.”
Kathy A. Play Therapist

Huge congratulations on such an important gift to children and adults alike.  Your writing style is exceptionally readable, your idea was inspirational – all together a magnificent first.”
Jennie Mann grandmother

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    This is a great book. I heartily recommend it.

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