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Hear the author!

I hope you have enjoyed the extracts on these pages. You know, Willowby is a curious character. I got to know him as I wrote about him – and guess what? Everything he has said I have found out to be true. Everything!

Deire Edwards - Author of Willowby's World

When I follow his advice things work out just as he says and I feel very powerful. Sometimes he and his stories creep up on me whilst I am enjoying myself, I might be out for a walk or with friends, and suddenly I magically find myself swept up into one of his adventures.

Life has certainly become very exciting since I encountered Willowby. Has he affected you in any way since you came across him? How does nature respond to you these days? What have you noticed? If you want, you can let me know on the readers’ comments page.

Thank you for checking in. Bye for now!


Deirdre works as an actor and also teaches. She teaches adults healing, and children absolutely anything they want to know! The last few years while she has supposedly been teaching children with special needs she has ended up learning a great deal herself.

Her writing began when as an actor she had to improvise and devise shows for different occasions. Her writing is just a continuation of that process — the difference being, stories simply act themselves out, sometimes off the page and into her life, she just has to scurry around and get all the characters and their adventures typed up.

Although Deirdre has written several plays for children, Willowby’s World is her first book. The book has probably been able to slip out, despite her fear of teachers’ comments, because Deirdre herself has overcome her own fear of the dreaded red pen by having to teach English herself. She claims that she never uses red ink when marking and always awards extra marks for original thinking.

In her spare time Deirdre enjoys walking in nature, working with the land, dancing, taking part in ceremonies and exploring crop circles.

Deirdre is a popular workshop leader and speaker if you would like to invite her to run a workshop or give a talk for your group please contact her agent: Frances Phillips email Tel 0208 953 0303