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Fourth Insight

Life is a Mirror – Crabface

“ ….. she thanked me and said the flowers were lovely…”

“Anyway, Miss Crabbe told me to hurry up with what I wanted so I just held out the posy and chain and said, ‘Miss Crabbe, I made these for you at lunch time, I hope you like them.’ Then I tried to give her a big friendly smile.

“Oh you ought to have seen the expression on her face!” Sonya began to skip up and down, “She blushed, I’ve never seen her blush, and she smiled. Her eyes went all sparkly and wet. She looked quite pretty! Then she thanked me and said the flowers were lovely and that it was a very kind thought. She got up, filled a little jar with water to stand them in, and placed it on her desk.

Then she thanked me again and said they brightened up the whole room. She gave me a big smile, and I suddenly realised she was a nice person. The change in her was dramatic; it was like magic, as if an ugly spell had been broken.

She even made a few jokes and laughed when the class laughed. The lesson went really quickly for a change, and she announced that she would be letting us all off homework because we had worked so well. When we filed passed her at the end of the lesson, I gave her a big smile again and she smiled straight back, just like a friend.

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