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Ninth Insight

Life is a Story – The White Winged Unicorn

"…he looked up and beheld, flying in through the window, the most magnificent white winged unicorn. On his back, glowing and laughing, rode his dear little friend."

He heated his precious wax over the little stove in his room, and with some string he fashioned the wax into the most beautiful candle.

The form it took was a flying unicorn. He worked for hours with great care and attention to detail.

It was indeed a labour of love and by the end of the day he had created the most exquisite winged unicorn. Its elegant neck and soft downy wings had truly captured that which he had seen the night before.

Weary, he sat back and gazed at the creature he had created. As he passed his fingers over the intricate carvings he felt the tufty lump between the creature’s ears. It was a creation so beautiful that it was impossible to have the heart to set light to it.

However, that night, the boy placed the unicorn beside his bed and stroked it fondly.

He then took a match and lit the wick. The flame burned brightly. An image of a white unicorn looked out at him, and astride his back rode a girl he barely recognised, laughing and waving to him.

He gasped and gazed at the flame for several minutes, before eventually carefully blowing it out and drifting into sleep. He opened his eyes. The glowing white steed stood poised before him,

“Up you get,” he urged, “and I’ll take you there.” They flew through the night sky to the edge of the universe, into the next where the sky was pink. Floating in the pink sky was a golden shimmering bubble and they flew towards it.

It was the planet of bliss, and the unicorn alighted on the grass beside a lake. There, bathing and sunning themselves, were the girl and an attractive lady. The youngster leaped up and ran over to greet her friend.

“I knew you’d come. Now it’s my turn to show you around.” She introduced the boy to her mother, who said how pleased she was to meet him and told him that he knew what a good friend he had been to her daughter. They laughed and swam together and picnicked.

Then the boy felt the pull of dawn preparing to break over his world. His white steed flew down beside him.“Hurry,” he said, “we must not delay, there’s not much time. Remember you can always come again, you
know how, but now I must take you home.” They flew through the sky into the universe of home and raced dawn back to the boy’s house.

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