Well a rather belated welcome to 2011. As I write it is the of March and after a cold winter  Spring is firmly on its way.   The grass is lusciously green and this week the sun has shone every day.  The elements have been out in force this year demonstrating their power with snow, rain and icy winds and the sun gloriously breaking through at times.  Now it is out in force against a brilliant blue sky  and the spring flowers snowdrops, crocus and daffodils are sparkling in their vibrant colours of white, blue and yellow.

This first warm spell the birds are alive with singing and business are the humans preparing the beds for planting and I’m pleased to say the bees are out in force too.  All is well…….
However Lots of change is in the air, all over the world. I am looking forward to getting out an about around. As I’ve been hibernating this winter my calendar is still looking a bit sleepy. Have a look to see if I am any where near you, perhaps you might like to join in on one of my talks or workshops. Hope this year brings you exciting adventures..

Oh yes and “Willowby’s World” – The audio book now complete at last and available in the shop- and I’m very excited about it and am so looking forward to sharing it with you all. It is certainly a project that was planted (recorded) in January 2010and like all nourishing food has taken its time to mature. Now it ready for consumtion -so if you would like to listen to it then have a listen to any of the extracts on my web. The mp3 however has the most enchanting music woven into it. don’t forget to take a look at the latest news, I’ll be out and about as the year progresses. Will I be anywhere near you?

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